Tips for you if you are travelling with Indian Railways

In India, if you want to travel from one corner to another corner of the country, Anyone would prefer train except they are going to lose Million Dollar by spending time in travelling.

In Short, In India, Millions of people travel through Indian Railways Every Day and It's one of the best way to travel in India according to me.

Coming back to the point, Here in this article I am going to give you some tips if you are going to travel in Indian Railways for the first time in your life or you don't know much about Indian Railways.

I have good experience with Indian railways and i have travelled thousands of miles with Railways. So, Let's get started with the first tip!

1. Lock your Bags with Chain and Lock!

Yes, If you are travelling for a long distance and you have multiple bags with you, just lock them under your seat with chain and lock because sometimes something might get stolen because you will find almost all kind of people in Indian Railways.

Don't worry if you don't have lock and chain with you because you will find someone selling it in your train itself.

Doing this is necessary if you are travelling in General or Sleeper coach but I don't think it is necessary with A/C coaches!

2. Keep yourself Updated with Live Train Status!

In India, You can't say if your train will arrive at your station at Scheduled Arrival Time! Anything can happen on one of the the world's biggest Railway Network!

But yes, you can know when your Train will reach the station. It is easy by using this train running status tool!

It is very easy, Just open the link given above and you will find one simple form in which you have to enter your train number and date of journey, That's it!

You will get every information like the route of the train, How much Early/Late it going to be on your train or any given station on the Route of the train and much more!

It is very important because sometimes some trains can be hundreds of minutes Late or Early!

3. Pre-order Your Food!

Indian Railways are good at food but there is not much choice available for you to select from. In case you select the food made in train, you will get Roti, Sabzi and rice and that's all!

But if you want to get some tasty food, You can order from Food Services who make dishes at local Restaurants and will deliver you at your seat at any selected Station!,, and are some services you can use to pre-order your food in the train!

It is always better to pre-order your food in your train!

These are some tips you must follow while travelling in Indian Railways! I will keep updating the article and add more Tips with my Experience! Happy Journey!


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